About Us

Team SHARK representing the University of Moratuwa is a high performing project team with advanced design capabilities and actively involved in mapping new technology along with real-world applications.

Team SHARK project team is backed with award-winning designers and highly recognized academics in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. University of Moratuwa undergraduates have performed in a vast variety of international and local design competitions and the superiority was consistently proven by producing outstanding results.

The Car

Building a race car provides the perfect platform to put in to practice complex and interdisciplinary engineering. As the end result of hard work of our dedicated a team, every year a new race car comes to life. The race cars are built by the team with the guidance and expertise of DIMO. The cars represent our legacy throughout Formula Student racing and we will continue to design and build the best race car.


DIMORA-P1 was the first car developed by Team SHARK Racing in the year 2016. The car features a 6-speed paddle shift gearbox, pull rod suspension and a Honda CBR 600cc engine. It also has 70 bhp and a 5 point harness racing seat belt.

The car was awarded Best Newcomer Award at Formula Student UK in 2016.


Awards and Honours

Formula Student UK 2016

Team SHARK Racing was able to achieve three awards at Formula Student UK 2016.  The three awards won included,

  • Best Newcomer in Class 1
  • Dedication to Formula Student Award
  • Top Individual Driver won by Induwara Munasinghe